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How our experience as Health and Safety consultant can help you?

LNG plant - Algerian Sahara Desert
Challenging locations with hidden environmental risks.
Sub-sea Gas Pipline - West Africa
Difficult working conditions with limited working space increase the dangers.

Why us?

With many years of international experience in Health, Safety & Environmental consulting, Patrick Haines has gained a truly global outlook on the practical application of creating and maintaining a safe place to conduct your business activities, to keep your employees out of harm’s way, and to reduce the effects of your business on the Environment.

Flexible Locations

From billion dollar energy construction projects in the extreme heat of the desert, with temperatures exceeding 50 deg. C, to exploration surveying in the Steppe of the Former Soviet Union where temperatures rarely creep above -10 deg. C in the winter and just about anything else you can think of in between, the challenges of these environments have enabled Patrick Haines to look at any business situation and to identify that there is usually a practical and sensible answer to the Health & Safety requirements faced by business and industry today.

Local to Multi-National Partnerships

Hopefully, you will never find yourself trapped in a monsoon or a sandstorm in your usual business day, but Patrick Haines, by having had to plan for just such a situation where a large, multi-national and multi-cultural workforce of over 4,000 individuals face exposure to this scenario, can bring the knowledge and experience gained in these environments to your workplace.

Experience, Knowledge and Support in Health and Safety

Are you unable to see your way through the Regulations, Requirements and Legislation applicable to your daily business life and feel that the weight of Health, Safety & Environmental paperwork and administration is pulling you under?

This is where Patrick Haines can bring his experience, knowledge and support to you, your management team and your workforce.

Patrick Haines, "your personal safety net"

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