Do you meet the current health, safety and environmental legislation?

Complete the health and safety test below

Please take a moment to complete the checklist below for an indication of your company's compliance with current Health & Safety legislation then send it to us to arrange a 'No Obligation' meeting to discuss and review your responses.

Our Company has a written Health & Safety Policy which has been signed by the Chairman/Chief Executive/Managing director and all our staff has received a copy.
Our company has conducted a Risk Assessment of our business activities, identified the major risks and taken mitigating action to reduce the risk as low as is reasonably practicable. All of our staff are aware of the risks, and copies of the risk assessment are displayed/widely available.
Our company has appointed a competent person to be responsible for Health & Safety. This person can be a consultant, or if an employee they have been provided with the appropriate training and resources to carry out their responsibilities.

All computer workstations and users have been assessed and comply with the current Display Screen Equipment Regulations.

Portable Electrical Equipment, (computers, power tools, kettles, photocopiers, radios etc), are tested regularly in our workplace and a record of inspections is kept.

Any hazardous materials used in our workplace have been identified, the correct Personal Protective Equipment, (PPE) is available and used, and the Material Safety Data Sheets, (MSDS), are available to all users of any hazardous materials.

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NOTE: YES answers are not a guarantee of compliance in all aspects of your business activities. The statements shown here are for indication purposes only. Further advice should be sought from qualified professional sources or the Health & Safety Executive.
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