Everyone is affected by health, safety and environmental matters

Everyone is affected by health, safety and environmental matters
Off-Shore Platform - Java, Indonesia
Intensive Risk Assessment in a High Risk Environment
Off-Shore Plateform - Java, indonesia
A closer look at the Risks associated with Off-Shore works

Who is at risk?

Put simply, anyone and everyone.

In today's fast paced lifestyles and ever changing industry and technologies it is vitally important to be abreast of these changes.

Risk assessment

A risk assessment is as important a process to protect your workers and your business, as it is complying with the law. It assists you in focussing on the risks that are particularly important within your workplace – the risks that have potential to cause real problems. In many instances, the most basic and obvious measures can eradicate risks, for example making sure that any spillages are cleaned up as soon as they take place, which effectively reduces the chances of people slipping. This for most, means easy and cost effective simple methods will ensure your most valued asset, your workforce is kept safe.

It is not expected in Law that you must eliminate all risk, but you are required to protect your workforce as far as 'reasonably practicable’.

What is risk assessment?

A risk assessment is quite simply a cautious examination of what, in your work, could possibly cause harm to people, so that you can assess whether you have taken sufficient precautions or should do more to prevent injury. Workers and anyone else for that matter have a legal right to expect to be protected from injury caused by a failure to take reasonable precautions and measures to control any work carried out.

You are legally required to assess the risks in your workplace so that you put in place a plan to control the risks.

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